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三年级保护环境的英语作文 environment英语作文作文_湘味菜谱


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三年级保护环境的英语作文 environment英语作文作文

内容导读:  My house have a garden downstairs, where flowers bloom all the year round, is the main place to neighbors leisure entertainment. The children often play there, I also liked to play there.  Homew治疗癫痫病的方法有什么

  Homework today, I came to visit my good吉林癫痫病治疗,去哪家医院好 friends in the garden, flowers, they found flowers side there are a lot of rubbish. Think of "the teacher said to protect the environment is the responsibility of each one of us", I immediately ran over to pick up all the rubbish into the dustbin, at this moment, the other side of the garden came the cries of children: Peng Linqian, come and play! I can‘t help but stopped, the in the mind like two little quarrelling, pick up, afraid of see after children, said I was picking up litter. Don‘t pic南阳市第二人民医院癫痫科怎么样k up, let the garbage lying there quietly? Because of this problem, let me in a quandary. Pick up or not pick up? Ask mom and dad to say again!

  Mom and dad is walking toward the side, and the father said, "of course it is important to environmental protection, you should start from around things, do not litter. If you see a garbage on the ground, should pick it up, so that you do to protect the environment." Mom said so.

  Mom and dad gave me courage. Environmental protecti贵州最好治疗癫痫病医院on is more important than face, they would say I am picking up litter and let them say! I don‘t care now. If a man pick up a garbage, more people will be able to pick up more junk. Earth must be the earth more than it is now clean and more beautiful.

  Without hesitation, I run past, all the trash in the underground (bin) back to their home. Then, the people around to me to approval.






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